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Please check out our latest VLOG on how to install Joomla 4 and How to add an extension in Joomla 4. In this tutorial, you will also learn the basic installation for Joomla 4 and Installing a Joomla extension. This tutorial is useful if you plan to build a website using CMS without programming knowledge and If you need to try it first without hosting a server. 
You will learn the following:
- Joomla 4 installation in localhost and module installation using localhost - xampp - Intranet
- How to install Joomla 4 and Install an extension. 
- Joomla installation using localhost, local PC, or Intranet. 
- Step a step video tutorial for Joomla 4
- Joomla 4 extension installation
- Joomla 4 change the background
- Joomla 4 change background with an image
- Joomla 4 using as Intranet CMS
- Using XAMPP server 
- Using HTML color code picker background
- Basic Website using CMS (Joomla CMS)
- Website without programming knowledge
- Joomla 4 reviews
- Latest Joomla 4 installations. 
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readymade website
readymade website

What is a Readymade website?
In WeDevlops; we have made a readymade full eCommerce website ready to make things easier and have your website set up in minutes. All you need to do is add your products, change the image and the best is no need programming because we make sure that our readymade website products will work 100% to any hosting. 

A ready-made website word stands for a complete setup solution of a website. This includes being professionally designed in a Joomla platform that is responsive, works smoothly in smartphones and all types of browsers. What you need I a domain and a host but if you want all these to be a package; Yes we do this! We call this hassle-free
In today’s digital world, everything is fast-moving and we address this concern to get you a fully ready-made eCommerce solution that is equipped with all types of payment gateway and bug-free. As you know; almost all people are connected to the World Wide Web and we are here to help you with your business. 

These days, building a business website or eCommerce store is easier than ever; below are the things that might be helpful and advantageous to your end.  That’s why the Ready-Made website is a great solution for you and your business. Having a website can give your business many benefits, which you may not know about earlier.

Advantages of Ready Made Websites:

1. Saving your Time and money
2. No need for a developer (We use drag and drop component to make things easy for your to managed and update)
3. Smart mobile ready
4. Full eCommerce
5. All types of browsers Compatible
6. Security and bug-free
7. Added all types of digital modes of payments
8. No Coding Skills Required
9. Complete documentation
10. Total-Content and Color Control
11. We support 24x7

A ready-made website word stands for a complete setup solution of a website. Premium template, Top-level Domain (.com.org.net. and more), Managed Hosting, SSL certificate (free 1 year), Website Builder, and 24/7 Support. You can check our live demo here and readymade website choices:

Many times Ready-made solutions are more reasonable than design projects. That is highly customizable settings and an underlying drag-and-drop visual editor. It makes it easy to use even for business owners.

Ready-made website solutions have become more robust and flexible in recent years. The ready-made website promotes lots of awesome website designs for your business will largely depend on your specific needs.
Do you have questions or If you need support? we are here for you. We have been online in the business for more than 8 years and we are here to support you all the way and we grow together. 

Opencart website speed
Opencart website speed

On every website, speed is the key to success especially if you are running an Opencart website or an eCommerce website. Every page has a different loading score and the best to measure it is using GT metrix and Google Page speed insight. 

There are so many factors involved in increasing your website speed. First, your hosting, your theme, your website page, your color options, your image options, your CSS code, your HTML code, your Javascript code, and even your open cart developer if he has more knowledge in Opencart or your eCommerce website. All these questions are part of the website projects.
To be honest there is very frustrating if you are running an eCommerce store or an Opencart platform.
We have studied Opencart/eCommerce behavior for a long time and this is where we come in. We can help you increase the speed of your Opencart and maximized the hosting you have right now. If you are using shared hosting we can help you optimized the speed. Most of the website owners using the shared server it is because they are low cost and affordable. Yes; we can optimize your Opencart speed even if you are using shared hosting. 
Here is some proof that you can check from our site. Try to measure this link - https://wedevlops.com/developers-shop.html
See the screenshot of the results: 
Using GT Metrix results: 
wedevlops opencart page speed
For Google Page Speed Insights results:
wedevlops opencart page speed google pagspeed
Now, if you need assistance with your Opencart or your website please do not hesitate to contact us. 

readymade website
Joomla quickstart

Joomla is now a popular platform when it comes to medium and large website project and this can handle complex types of projects; while Opencart is also one of the popular websites when it comes to e-commerce project. If you combined these two platform in one it becomes amazing results. No wonder why most of the developers and project site owners the Mijoshop extension in Joomla. Before continue reading this article we need to add a disclaimer: We are not affiliated or we are not connected to Mijoshop (Miwisoft) company. We are a group of developers that like using Mijoshop extension; It is simply because we love Opencart and Joomla and they have a lot of extensions that are free and low cost but giving us high-end development results. 

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