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Joomla website speed and SEO
Joomla website speed and SEO

Why is Joomla needs to have good speed and with SEO enabled?

It is because these two factors  (SPEED and SEO) are part of Search Engine Optimization. They are very crucial in terms of the SEO checklist. In Joomla, these two areas are a bit tricky on how the developer managed to execute the speed and SEO at the same time without the adjustment of the design for the frontend. 
SEO Joomla website selfquiz.org final
You need to sacrifice some areas of your pages especially the Home page if you need to activate the SEO or implement SEO in your Joomla also you need to consider the home page is fast loading. The home page is crucial in website development it is because these are the gate for your customers to browse other pages. In technical terms, they call these landing pages. You want to make sure that your home page is inviting and eye-catching so that the visitors can stay longer on your site and a bigger chance that they will check your products and services. Yes; you read it right " Check your products and Services". For us, this area is profit conversion. This means you convert your visitor into money. They will become interested in the products you offer and the bigger chance they will get in touch with you to engage the services your offer. The is Joomla Speed.
How about Joomla SEO? This is also another tricky setup or configuration in your Joomla website. If you notice there are so many tools out there that you can find or components that are great. but the question is are these the right tools? If you have these tools do you know how to configure this in the right way? Well, to be honest, if you are a normal user then I suggest you hire a good developer that specialized in Joomla and understands how it works from front end to back end. 
That is why we are here for you. With the Joomla SEO and speed, we can handle this for you. We have been working with the Joomla platform from version 1.5 up to the recent version and we finally know and understand how this will work on your website. For more information please contact us and we can discuss this for you. 
Selfquiz google speed 93 score

website package
Website one stop shop solution

 Are you confused where to start? No worries we can help you with your needs and requirements. We offer a one stop solution called Hassle FREE package- We will support you all the way to 365 days from Frontend to backend. No need for customers to do any changes from there end. We do everything on your website.

 Hassle FREE package:

  • We will take care of your website 365 days
  • Once a Month back up
  • Unlimited support
  • Unlimited consultation
  • Unlimited changes (bugs/ issues)
  • Priority support
  • Server hosting included 
  • High SLA (response within 12hrs)
  • Skype and Whats app voice support (GMT+8 / 8:00AM to 8:00PM)

Web hosting details:(1 year minimum contract)

Webhosting space 2GB
Apache Version 2.4.46
PHP Version 7.2.33
MySQL Version 10.3.24-MariaDB-log-cll-lve
Architecture x86_64
Shared Web hosting
Operating System linux
Perl Version 5.10.1
Kernel Version 2.6.32-954.3.5.lve1.4.78.el6.x86_64
User Interface: Profile


To subscribe this package you need to register here first. 


speed and search engine optimization
Joomla website speed and SEO

How to increase speed on your Joomla website and add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
Over 8 years of experience in Joomla we found the technique and exact tools to speed up your Joomla website and make your website a search engine optimize (SEO). Here is one of our clients avail the package and the solution with us. You can check it for yourself using the tools you have for SEO and speed measurements. For speed measurement we use the following tools:
Selfquiz google speed 93 score
gt matrix speed results final
As we notice each tool has a slight difference in results. 
So how did we do it? 
Here are the following factors that involve:
A good template
A good Joomla framework
A good tools
Hosting - very small factor - Our client using a shared server but we manage to speed up the Joomla website. 
Experience Joomla developer - then that is us. If you need special assistance then contact us. 
Frequently Ask Questions:

Can you guarantee me to become number one on Google?
Answer: To be straight forward the answer is NO; Anyone that guarantees to get your Joomla website to the top of page one on Google is not telling you the whole story. BUT we can improve your site SEO results and the best chance of being number one in Google. What we do is use natural or organic SEO results and We have the complete tools and knowledge to improve your SEO for your Joomla.  

How long does SEO take or affect my Joomla site? 
Answer: For organic or natural SEO normally effect a few hours after configuration, some will affect days, weeks, or even months for it. 
How do I check it? 
Answer: We will share special tools for your to check on the results and we can compare the result after and before.
How long the configuration will take?
Answer: This depends on how many pages you have on your Joomla website. We configure every page. 
How much the cost of service?
Answer: We can discuss this with you via chat, email, or call.
Please contact us or drop us an email if you need help or advice on how to increase the speed of your website and make it SEO (Search Engine Optimize). 
SEO Joomla website selfquiz.org final

make your website responsive
ways to improve your website

Our tips on how to improved your website:

ways to improved your website

  1. Make sure your website is accessible to any device such as smart phones, tablets, desktop and laptop. 
  2. Speed is another factor. Make sure your website has speed.
  3. Design - Your website should be eye catchy in every page. 
  4. Considering a worth article to read on for your audience

These 4 tips will help you boost up your business. 

If you need our help feel free to get in touch with us. 


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