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How to create donation using PayPal account

Learn how to create or generate donation links or QR codes on your PayPal account and integrate this on your Joomla website. 

  • Create a donation Paypal button without any knowledge of programming to technical skills.
  • Step-by-step procedure on creating a PayPal account with donation and QR code and shareable links.
  • Paypal using the recurring donation
  • Paypal button with monthly recurring donation option
  • Paypal pop-up donation window
  • Paypal donation I'd like to add to my donation to help offset the cost of processing fees
  • Get donors mailing address option in Paypal donation
  • Options to input notes on their donations Paypal options
  • Live donation button below. Test it and make some donations to inspire us more. 



or Scan QR code

creating QR Code paypal donation button actual

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