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What is the best bank in the Philippines for Upwork payout?

What is the best bank in the Philippines for Upwork payout?
We are also using Upwork to find clients and we use our individual accounts for bidding and we become individual freelancers. For you to be about to get your money in Upwork you need a local bank which is fewer fees for a payout if compared to Paypal. Getting clients in Upwork is not that easy and of course, that is hard-earned money for you so you need to get your payout maximized and fewer fees. 
Based on our experience BPI is a good bank for Upwork payout. When you withdraw your money at Upwork you will get your payout 3-4 hours after that. very rare that it will exceed 5 days; thou it was stated in the Upwork withdrawal that you will get it within 7 banking days. You will get your money in your local currency. In this case, since we are in the Philippines the conversation rate will be in Pesos (USD- Peso). By the way, we are not affiliated with nor endorsed by BPI just for disclaimer and we write this based on our real experience so that you can decide which bank you want. 
My other friends use Maybank Philippines and they said 2-3 hours they get their payout as well. Some use BDO bank and payout comes in the next banking days or at night time when you withdraw your money in Upwork before 12 noon. 
To get to know more about the Philippines freelancer experience you may also check and do more research on which bank is the best for Upwork withdrawal. We can only speak based on our experience. 

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