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Creating a banner module extension for Joomla 5

Creating a banner module extension for Joomla 5

Creating a banner module extension for Joomla 5 is a valuable addition to enhance your website. Let’s dive into the steps:

  1. Access the Module Manager:

    • Log in to your Joomla 5 administrator panel.
    • Navigate to Extensions → Modules.
  2. Create a New Module:

    • Click the New button in the toolbar.
    • Select the Module Type: Banners.
  3. Module Configuration:

    • Fill in the following form fields:
      • Title: Give your module a descriptive title. This will be displayed in the frontend.
      • Module Target: Choose whether the banner link should open in the parent window, a new window, or a popup.
      • Count: Specify the number of banners to display (default is 5).
      • Client: Select a client from the dropdown list (existing clients are managed using Banner Client).
      • Category: Choose the category of banners to display. If no selection is made, all categories will be shown by default.
      • Search by Meta Keyword: Decide whether to match banner tags with the current document’s meta keywords.
      • Randomise: Opt for randomizing the order of banners (either based on pinning or completely random).
      • Header Text: Add text or HTML to display before the group of banners.
      • Footer Text: Include text or HTML to display after the banners.
      • Show Title: Toggle the display of the module title (effect depends on the template’s module style).
      • Position: Select a predefined module position or enter a custom one.
      • Status: Choose between Published, Unpublished, or Trashed.
      • Start Publishing and Finish Publishing: Set dates and times for automatic publishing and unpublishing.
      • Access: Define who has access to this module (Public, Guest, Registered, Special, or Super Users).
      • Ordering: Arrange the module’s order within its position.
      • Language: Select the language for the module (default is All).
      • Note: Optionally add a note for site administrators.
  4. Save and Assign:

    • Save your module configuration.
    • Assign the module to the desired position where you want the banners to appear on your website.

Remember to customize the module settings according to your specific requirements. Happy Joomla 5 development! ????????

For more detailed information, you can refer to the official Joomla documentation on Banners

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