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Joomla 100% CPU/memory in your hosting

Joomla 100% CPU/memory in your hosting


Do you experience 100% CPU usage bloated and your server memory is high with File Usage also high and get an email from your hosting that your site was violated due to non-normal usage but your site is simply blogs and nothing specials. 

Well; we also encounter this issue as well. The question is how do we reduce CPU usage? There are many factors involved in this issue and it is on a case-to-case basis. We need to isolate this case carefully and based on our experience are the following:

  1. Cache
  2. Table Optimization
  3. Proper structure of Joomla 
  4. Proper setting of Joomla 
  5. Coordination with your Hosting
  6. Cleaning up your Joomla site

And lastly; check the files which involve your Joomla articles that are explained below. 

We have been maintaining the Joomla website for our customers/clients and we found out that the issue causing this 100% CPU/memory in your hosting is because of too many featured articles. We have been isolating/troubleshooting this issue for more than 6 months and finally, we got the solution. 

This normally occurs if you using Joomla version 3.x and 4.x

I hope this helps every Joomla users out there. 

If you need special assistance on how to handle this please contact us. 

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