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readymade website ecommerce
readymade website ecommerce

Opencart (Mijoshop) Joomla Quickstart package

Joomla is now a popular platform when it comes to medium and large website project and this can handle complex types of projects; while Opencart is also one of the popular websites when it comes to e-commerce project. If you combined these two platform in one it becomes amazing results. No wonder why most of the developers and project site owners the Mijoshop extension in Joomla. Before continue reading this article we need to add a disclaimer: We are not affiliated or we are not connected to Mijoshop (Miwisoft) company. We are a group of developers that like using Mijoshop extension; It is simply because we love Opencart and Joomla and they have a lot of extensions that are free and low cost but giving us high-end development results. 
It is sad to say that you can no longer purchase Mijoshop extension for Joomla since it was not maintained and supported by the developers; however, we have continued the extended support for Mijoshop extensions and we still support this component. We have developed Opencart extensions and we wanted to adopt them in Mijoshop extensions as well. So if you have use Mijoshop feel free to contact us if you need support or if you have any questions. 
If you check our main portfolio which you are here right now reading this article we have used Joomla and Opencart (Mijoshop extension) and this is the proof that it is working great until now. We also recommend this to our clients and until now they are still using it and they like it. 
We have made a new project called " Opencart (Mijoshop) + Joomla Quickstart package"  That is a ready-made website and all you need to do is to install the quick start to your hosting. Here is the live demo of this project so that you can test it for yourself and explore it and If you like this package you can simply purchase it on this link
If you have a question or you need assistance with the installation we are here to help you. This package includes the following:
Minimum requirements:
PHP Version = 7+

Package Included:

Customer Dashboard Module
Special Price products timer
SP Page Builder Pro = V3.7.10
Joomla version = 3.9.27
Premium Joomla template
Mijoshop extended support version
Akeeba backup = 8.0.6
Opencart version =
Please also check this article on how to install using akeeba for your guide and reference
Once you finish the basic set up all you need to do is simply edit your products and you are ready to sell online in few hours. Quick in easy. 
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