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How can you capitalize and maximize monetary income as a full-stack developer

How can you capitalize and maximize monetary income as a full-stack developer

How can you capitalize and maximize monetary income as a full-stack developer? Here are the possibilities that you can increase your income thru the internet.

First; you need to have your portfolio as a full-stack web developer. This is important because you can showcase your work as a reference to a potential client worldwide. Do not rely on Upwork, Fiverr, and another marketplace portfolio. Must have a portfolio with other marketplace but that will serve as a secondary reference only.

Second; add e-commerce on your website to showcase and sell your codes. Again do not relied on other marketplace but it is a must that you also sell your works to them. This will also boost your income.

Third; Add free good stuff in your portfolio and add a donation button. There is a good chance someone will donate rather than have no options.

Fourth; Add advertising to your website. A good example is Adsense. You can get income thru traffic and per click.

Fifth; Create accounts for freelancing sites such as Upwork, People per hour, Fiverr, and others and start bidding and get clients. This will also help you get a project and you can link all your reviews to your website to gain trust with clients worldwide.

Sixth; not only codes you can sell but you can also sell the images, icons, and videos you created. You need also to tap up with other sites that you can sell your items such as Adobe, Shutterstock, and others. This will also help you get more income.

Seventh; Add referral links or affiliates links to your portfolio. This can generate income when your clients browse or if you need to recommend a hosting company or a domain seller.

Eight; Create a VLOG at YouTube which can create a good SEO link to get clients online and as you go on you can monetize your YouTube channel. Who knows your channel will become your primary source of income.

Ninth; Do not forget to put support services in your portfolio because once you sell your codes most of your clients will be needed support which leads to income. This depends on how you do your marketing. As a full-stack developer, you need to be marketing as well and open your mind to possibilities.


Then you will then realize that you are offering a one-stop shop for your clients plus get you to get maximize your service which leads you to an extra income.

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