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Search Engine Optimization SEO CMS package

Search Engine Optimization SEO CMS package

Welcome to our  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) package on your Joomla and WordPress Website


Package inclusions are:


1. User-friendly URL  Example your current URL is https://yourwebsitecom/index.php/blog --- will transform to  https://yourwebsitecom/blog

2. We will add Google Analytics for your monitoring reporting in real-time and check the behavior of the users. 


Google analytics mobile view reporting We will guide you and train you on how to use Google analytics. (1-hour walk-thru including the creation of accounts and website code insertion via Zoom). 

3. Google search using your domain name visible in google search engine. See the image below for example.

google results SEO
4. Exclusive for Joomla CMS: JCE plugin additional to make it easy to edit on your backend (Editor).

jce editor replacement for default
Userfriendly to link all your images and your youtube videos on your Joomla website.

5. We will also show you tips and tricks on how to make your website SEO friendly (30 minutes tutorial via ZOOM). Examples are Meta Description and Meta Keywords.  

Cost is $150 - Do not mind the cost if your website is searchable and optimized and we guarantee that your Return Of Investment will be 5x the cost. To order this package please email us

Please also check our blogs about SEO for more information and do not forget to subscribe to your social media channels. 



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