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Share and Earn Comission

Affiliates Program - Share and Earn Comission

Our ecommerce platform comes with full features including affiliate programs. If you plan to have this kind of affiliate in your website you can consult us; Simply visit our contact page and you see a lot of options on how to reach us. 
So, how does the affiliate work or used? How to use the URL on their websites or blogs or forums?

Login to the frontend as a customer or affiliate then go to the “My Account” and click “Custom Affiliate Tracking Code“, you will see the tracking code, tracking link generator and tracking link. It is a unique tracking code for every user. click here to register.

affiliate tracking code

Don’t change the tracking code as this is unique for you and if you change then the old URL will not work. Then in the tracking link generator enter the product name that you want to link, it will autocomplete your product, select it and the Tracking link is showing which is the link that you will use in the websites or blogs or forums.
Now that you have an idea how it will work. Please continue reading this article as is time to give some credit to our valued clients. 
We have activated our affiliate program and you can track your commission in live transactions. Our commission rate is 0.5% this means if your tracking code completes the transaction then you earn as well. 
Let's put an example to make everything clear; if you sell worth $100 then you have a commission of $0.5; not bad right. all you have to do is make a blog and share. 

Each user has their own real time dashboard which you can track the transaction and your commission.

Live transaction cost

Now that you know how it works you are free to Join and start earning money!

Enjoy sharing and together we earn money. 

**Note: we released the money if you comision reached to $100

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